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Pick Any 6 Boujee Samples, list names during checkout. Your chance to explore the flagrent flavors of Boujee Naturals:


Bloomy Love

Miss Minty

Mornin Greens

Pretty Thoughts

Licorice My Pomegranate

Apple Joy

Peppermint Lovely

Fruits and Flowers

Elderberry Blossom

Apricot Lavish

Ginger Mi Cinnamon

Sleepy Tea

Orange Ambrosia

Naya's Bloom

Mandarin Delight

Lavender Pea




..... decisions, decisions


For robust flavor: combine 1 1/5 teaspoon of Boujee Tea per 6oz of water in pot (or kettel) let boil for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain tea if necessary. Sweeten as desired. Enjoy! 

Boujee Bundle - Sample 6 Pack

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